Our consulting services can be undertaken using a fast, efficient and inexpensive 4-step protocol:

  1. Conference call to discuss your goals and expectations
  2. Review of all relevant documents
  3. Comprehensive report with recommendations and the reasons why we think they will work for your company
  4. Follow-up conference call to review and discuss our recommendations

We offer the following consulting services to life insurers:

Underwriting Best Practices Review

The focus here is on one or more aspects of your underwriting practices, with our recommendations on how to update and enhance them based on the latest medical and industry developments.

This review can include:

  • Age/amount and elective requirement use
  • Internal case underwriting guidelines
  • Preferred risk criteria
  • Application questions
  • And other aspects of insurer practices to lower costs, lessen turnaround time and realize favorable outcomes

Simplified Issue

We have extensive experience in this emerging domain, working with insurers on all aspects of simplified issue underwriting, including:

  • Deployment of effective screening tools
  • Designing application questions
  • Structuring telephone interview scripts
  • Creating rule sets for straight through processing of new applications

In mid-2014, we will offer what is, to our knowledge, the industry’s first simplified issue medical underwriting manual.

Underwriting Rule Sets

We design rule sets for use with underwriting engines and other applications. These rule sets can encompass over 125 specific symptoms and disorders commonly encountered in underwriting.

We have created rule sets for both reinsurers and direct writing insurers. They came to us because of our depth of knowledge based on writing over 200 continuing education courses for experienced underwriters over the last eleven years.

Pharmacy Underwriting Best Practice Guidelines

Insurers using pharmacy records need a highly accurate and efficient approach to triaging risks based on drugs sorted by color-coding schemes, etc.

Expertise gained from creating our Underwriting Guide to Rx enables us to provide these guidelines for both fully underwritten and simplified business.

Teleunderwriting Best Practices

As coauthor of the only book on Teleunderwriting and manager of the North American portion of the SCOR Global Re Teleunderwriting Survey, we bring broad expertise in all aspects of Teleunderwriting.

This includes:

  • Creating customized drilldown questionnaires
  • Modifying and upgrading existing questionnaires
  • Training underwriter to maximize their ability to use teleinterviews to make decisions without ordering an APS

Field Underwriting Guides

Despite their huge impact via reducing time consuming calls from producers, many insurers do not have field underwriting guides/manuals for their producers. Others have not updated existing guidelines for many years.

We have created customized field guides for five insurers with robustly favorable feedback from the carriers and their producers.

Because Hank is a two-time main platform speaker at the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), has written three books for agents about underwriting and also addressed nearly every major agent/broker organization in North America, he has high credibility with producers.

You will be surprised at how inexpensive it is for your company to realize the benefits of having your own a state-of-the-art field manual.

For more information about our consulting services, please contact Hank at 414-423-0967 or hank@hankgeorgeinc.com