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Hank George Inc. (HGI) offers an independent continuing medical education program for life, health, disability, critical illness and long term care underwriters. We also provide consulting services for insurers on a wide range of risk appraisal practices including The Simplified Suite.



Curriculum Vitae


Henry C. (Hank) George
BA (Honors), FALU (with Distinction), CLU, FLMI
Executive Officer
Hank George, Inc.
Greendale, Wisconsin




Founder and Chair

LOMA International Underwriting Congress (IUC)
American Underwriting Study Group (AUSG)
LOMA Health Underwriting Study Group (HUSG)
LOMA Critical Illness Study Group (CISG)
North American Underwriting Study Group (NAUSG)
Underwriting Research Study Group (URSG)
Continental Underwriting Study Group (CUSG)




Best’s Review
On The Risk
The National Underwriter




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B.A. Hon., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee––
Fellow (with Distinction), Academy of Life Underwriting (FALU)
Fellow, Life Office Management Institute (FLMI)
Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU)




American Association for Clinical Chemistry
American Civil Liberties Union
American Heart Association
Amnesty International
Association of Home Office Underwriters
Australian Life Underwriting and Claims Association
Canadian Institute of Underwriters
International Society for Bipolar Disorders
Institute of Caribbean Home Office Underwriters



Industry Positions Held

Founder and first Editor-in-Chief, On The Risk journal (1984-2003)

Founder, Academy of Life Underwriting seminar program (1985)

Instructor in Insurance Education


  • Florida: #355125
  • South Carolina: #455206
  • Virginia: #118-493


Executive Committee, Institute of Home Office Underwriters (1984-86)

Graduate Examination Coordinator, Life Underwriting Education Committee (1984-88)

Member, Honorary Board of the Vermont Insurance Institute (1999-2002)

Panelist, National Institutes of Health Consensus Conference on Precursors to Melanoma (1983)

President, Home Office Life Underwriters Association (1991-92)

Founder and Chair , Task Force 72 (1997-98) and The Underwriting Vision Group (2002-05)

Member , GE Long Term Care Advisory Board (2001-02 )

Society of Actuaries


  • Guest Lecturer
  • AIDS: Problems in Underwriting and Risk Assessment (1987)
  • Product Development Symposium (2002)
  • Long Term Care Symposium (2003)


  • Chair
  • Critical Issues in Underwriting (1989-1998, 2002)
  • Preferred Risk Underwriting" (2000)
  • Underwriting: Current Practices, Recent Innovations and Trends (1985-86)
  • Critical Illness I & II" (2001-2)
  • Faster, Cheaper, Better, I , II, III + IV (2001-05)
  • Critical Illness Conference (2004-5)
  • Critical Issues in Health Underwriting (2005- )
  • Telenderwriting (2005- )



Business History

Georges’ Stamp Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Credit Analyst
Dun & Bradstreet, Inc., Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Assistant Director of Medical Underwriting
Northwestern Mutual, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


1985-1986 Assistant Vice President
Manulife Financial, Toronto, Ontario


1986-1988 Assistant Vice President
Lincoln National Re, Fort Wayne, Indiana


1988-2002 Senior Vice President
LabOne, Inc., Lenexa, Kansas (based out of Greendale, Wisconsin)


2003-2006 BUGS (Better Underwriting, Greater Sales), UK


2002- Executive Officer
Hank George, Inc.


2003-2005 Principal
Risk Concepts, LLC



Major Organizations and Conferences Addressed

ACLI-Medical Section
American Academy of Insurance Medicine
American Association for Clinical Chemistry
Asia Pacific 1999 FLMI conferment (Taiwan)
Asociacion de Seleccionadores de Riesgos en el Seguro de Personas A.C. de Mexico City
Association for Advanced Life Underwriting
Australian Life Underwriters and Claims Association
Benefactors Club (London)
Canadian Institute of Actuaries
Canadian Institute of Underwriters
Canadian Reinsurance Conference
Conference of Consulting Actuaries
Disability Income Training Council
Exceptional Producers Group
Fraternal Home Office Underwriters Association
General Agents’ Management Association
Group Underwriters Association of America
Health Insurance Association of America
Home Office Life Underwriters Association
Home Office Life Underwriters of the Philippines
Hong Kong Federation of Insurers; Life Risk Management Group
Impaired Risk Underwriters Association
Institute of Caribbean Home Office Underwriters
Institute of Home Office Underwriters
Insurance Association of the Caribbean
Insurance Institute for Asia and the Pacific
International Forum (Main Platform, 2006)
International Underwriting Congress
Irish Underwriters and Claims Association
Life Underwriting and Claims Association of New Zealand
Life Insurance Marketing Research Association
Agency Officers Round Table
Life Underwriters Association of Canada
Life Underwriters Club (London)
LOMA/LIMRA 1999 Strategic Issues Conference (Taiwan)
LOMA/LIMRA/SOA First Annual LIFE Conference (Main Platform; 2003)
Midwest Medical Directors
Midwest Home Office Underwriters Association
Million Dollar Round Table (Main Platform, 1989, 2000; Forum, 2004)
National Association of Health Underwriters
National Association of Life Companies
National Fraternal Congress
New England CLU-ChFC Conference
New England Home Office Life Underwriters Association
Risk Appraisal Forum
Select 74 Underwriters Club (England)
Society of Actuaries
Southeastern Home Office Underwriters Association
Top of the Table (Main Platform, 1990, 2003)
Western Home Office Underwriters Association
World Critical Illness Conference (Main Platform; Vancouver, 2003; Victoria, 2004)



Published Works



Getting It Issued (The National Underwriter Company) with John J. Krinik
Second edition; May (2000)

Getting It Issued (LabOne Insurance Services Group); August (2003)

Underwriting: What Every Producer Must Know (HGI Press); October (2008)



White Papers

The Theory and Practice of Rx Profiling in Mortality and Morbidity Risk Underwriting (2006 – Ingenix Corporation)




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