"These courses have been a great opportunity for personal development for our experienced underwriters - much needed in the industry!"

  • Mark Boehm
  • Underwriting Manager
  • AvivaUSA


"What we at L & G value most is that the CE courses are written by an underwriter for underwriters. Apart from the odd reassurer course there is little practical training for underwriters, especially on subjects which are often a cause for concern, like hepatitis for example. The major advantage of the courses is they are flexible, the underwriters can go through them in their own time, when it suits them. With so many underwriters to train we also find them remarkable value for money. We take training very seriously at L & G and the CE courses are a valuable part of the programme."

  • Anne Llewellyn
  • Legal & General, UK


"Hank George, Inc. CE courses are an integral part of our ongoing Underwriter education. They help our Underwriters gain a better understanding of the more commonly-encountered medical conditions. This allows our Underwriters to know what to look for to classify the risk, why they are doing it, and ultimately to execute decisions more effectively. Just as importantly, it helps our Underwriters to explain their decisions effectively and confidently, which builds the trust of the producer, so vital in placements and future business. These courses are a good augmentation to the other training resources and a natural around which to build our monthly Case Clinics."

  • Rick Gordon
  • 2nd VP Underwriting
  • Midland National and North America


"Many thanks for producing your top-notch training program! We purchased both the IE and CE versions. IE provides rock-solid information that will serve us for years to come. CE then takes it to the next level for the more experienced underwriter and claims analyst. Given time and budget constraints, it would be impossible to develop such an industry-specific curriculum in-house."

  • Dan Rice, MBACorporate
  • Vice President
  • New York Life Insurance Company