Sell your home immediately and for cash

Tips to Get the Best Deal

Important real estate asset management companies that are our partners buy your property directly, guaranteeing you  immediate payment and a notarial deed .

One of our officials will be at your disposal, completely free of charge, to give the right value to your property and if this is to your liking, the sale can be considered already concluded. In fact, within a few days (subject to carrying out checks and technical assessments) the preliminary sale agreement will be stipulated and within a few weeks the final notarial deed will be stipulated

No more long waits and a multitude of people on your property. One meeting, one evaluation and you’re done.

Incredible right?

No, this is just one of the many services we can offer you, because we’ve been by your side for 40 years, to help you and accompany you in the varied world of real estate buying and selling

Starting the sale of a property is not always easy for several aspects. Its sentimental value risks affecting the final price, our inexperience can make us forget important information during visits and necessary administrative documents.

Furthermore, we cannot forget that selling is an art that requires due practice and training. Therefore, it is better to put yourself in the hands of a skilled professional, who with his experience will be able to reassure buyers and sellers and find the best solutions for both parties.

Furthermore, the strategies to be used to sell a house today are of various types: the web, online, digital marketing are now of great importance. Mastering these tools to speed up the sales process is certainly an advantage offered by the main agencies.

Let’s see together in detail all the reasons why selling a house with an agency can really make a difference in terms of savings and speed.

Real estate agencies know all the details of the areas they are responsible for and know how to enhance them. The main services, the strengths of a position, the characteristics of a place and its particularities will be highlighted at each visit, so as to interest potential buyers. The same visits will be organized with people who are really interested in the property, so as to significantly reduce sales times.

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